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Investment market update: December 2021

As 2021 drew to a close, the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences continued to affect economies. The first case of the Omicron variant was reported in South Africa at the end of November 2021. It quickly spread and some counties…

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Guide: Your complete 2021/22 end of tax year guide

The 2021/22 tax year ends on Monday 5 April 2022. This is the date when many allowances reset, and it could be your last opportunity to make use of some of them. Keeping track of how you’ve used your allowances…

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7 books about finance that could broaden your knowledge

This year, add some finance books to your reading list to broaden your knowledge and give you more confidence when dealing with financial matters. There are hundreds of books to choose from, whether you want an introduction to the basics…

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2 allowances to use before the end of the tax year to make your retirement more comfortable

If you’re yet to retire, the financial decisions you make now could affect how comfortable your retirement is. As the end of the tax year approaches, maximising your allowances can improve your finances now and when you retire. The 2021/22…

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The pension Lifetime Allowance: Why you could be closer to exceeding it than you think

The pension Lifetime Allowance limits how much you can have in pension benefits tax-efficiently. While you may think exceeding the allowance is a long way off, you could be closer to the threshold than you think. If you haven’t considered…

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8 things to do if you’re retiring in 2022

If you’ll be retiring this year, you may be looking forward to more free time to focus on what you enjoy. As you start making plans, you need to set out your expectations and how you’ll create an income. To…

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5 steps that could provide financial security for your partner if you pass away

If you’re creating a financial plan as a couple, you should consider the effect one of you passing away could have. If one person’s income or assets are vital for the household’s financial security, it could leave the other in…

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Investment market update: November 2021

A new variant of Covid-19, dubbed “Omicron”, is affecting some countries around the world, and it could lead to further restrictions in the coming months. The variant comes as supply chain issues caused by the pandemic continue to affect businesses…

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New client offering: Zenplans

We are excited to announce our partnership with Zenplans – a digital estate planning tool – to help our clients organise their life’s important information in one secure place, which can be easily accessed by their dependents in…

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The benefits of exercising in retirement

Retirement is often associated with a slower pace of life, but that doesn’t mean you should cut back on how much you’re exercising or even that you shouldn’t increase how active you are. Exercising in retirement could improve your health…

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Do you have realistic investment expectations?

When you invest, how much do you expect to receive in return? A survey suggests that some investors have unrealistic expectations that could affect their long-term financial security. Research from Aegon found that half of UK adults…

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Is rising inflation a wake-up call to review your savings?

You may have seen inflation in the headlines recently. While the cost of living rising is normal, the rate of inflation has increased over the last few months. The Bank of England (BoE) has a target to keep the annual…

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