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Investment market update: May 2022

Investment markets in May experienced volatility amid concerns that economies could fall into a recession as inflation pressure remains high. While you may be worried about the volatility your investments have experienced, keep your long-term goals in mind. A long-term…

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26% of people say thinking about finances makes them anxious, as research highlights a link to mental health

More than a quarter of people feel anxious about money, according to research from the Money and Pension Service (MAPS). People that have recently experienced poor mental health are more likely to worry about finances, which in…

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52% of savers don’t understand the effects of inflation, and millions think they’ll be better off. Here’s why it can harm your savings

Inflation has been in the news for months now, as the rate increases. While you may notice the effects inflation has on the price of goods when you visit the supermarket, it can be more difficult to understand how and…

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Total tax collected from exceeding the pension Lifetime Allowance is set to reach almost £1.5 billion annually

Successive cuts to the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) and a freeze means that more people than ever could face an unexpected tax bill when they access their pension. The LTA is the total amount a person can build up in pension…

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Have you missed this potential expense when planning for retirement? It’s something a third of new retirees are paying

When planning for your retirement, have you considered if you’ll be providing financial support to loved ones? A survey conducted by Key suggests that a third of new retirees are providing vital cash injections to children, grandchildren,…

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Two-thirds of retirees are planning a flexible retirement, but many don’t understand the potential tax implications

More retirees are planning to work in some way after they retire. While this flexibility can boost your income and help you strike a work-life balance that suits you, it can lead to some tax implications that you need to…

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Investment market update: April 2022

The conflict in Ukraine is continuing to affect markets and economies around the world. According to a report from the Kiel Institute of the World Economy, the war led to global trade falling 2.8% between February and March. The effect…

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The 10 incredible cities you should visit this year according to Lonely Planet

For many people, travelling abroad has been put on hold for the last two years. As pandemic restrictions continue to lift around the world, you may be planning a city break to explore a new culture and escape. Keep in…

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80% of over-55s don’t have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place. Overlooking this could place you in a vulnerable position

Do you have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place? If you don’t, it could leave you in a vulnerable position if you’re unable to make decisions for yourself, such as after an accident or illness. Losing the mental…

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Revealed: How long will you spend in retirement as more people than ever reach 100?

When you’re nearing retirement there are a lot of big decisions you need to make. From when to retire to how much income to take from your pension, how long you will spend in retirement is a crucial piece of…

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4 valuable pension lessons younger generations can learn from the regrets of the over-50s

Those nearing retirement have plenty of lessons to teach younger generations. A survey asking over-50s how they feel about their pension and retirement plans has highlighted some regrets workers could learn from. When you’re in your 20s, 30s and 40s,…

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Typical worker approaching retirement is 58% short of their pension goal. Are you saving enough?

Figures suggest that workers nearing retirement could find they’re facing a significant income shortfall later in life. Understanding how your pension savings will add up before you retire is crucial for creating long-term financial wellbeing. According to a report from…

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