What impact would it have on my family if I died or became ill?

It’s not a conversation that any of us want to have. But none of us know what’s around the next corner.

If life takes an unexpected or unwanted twist, the financial implications can be devastating. But whilst it might not be possible to protect yourself against the emotional impact of loss, it is possible to protect yourself and those you love from financial harm.

That’s why it’s essential that any long-term plan for the future includes protection that:

  • Allows you to maintain your lifestyle and repay your debts should you become unable to work due to an accident or illness
  • Ensures your family will be provided for and able to continue with their lifestyle if you died or developed a serious illness
  • Ensures your loved ones can pay a future Inheritance Tax bill without the need to sell their family home

Whilst no amount of financial protection can prevent the emotional pain of losing a loved one or your good health, financial protection gives you the peace of mind that your household will be financially secure, whatever the future holds.

Reviewing your protection

Once you have cover in place, it’s important to regularly review your protection to ensure it continues to provide adequate cover for your needs.

With regular reviews we can establish whether any gaps have opened up due to a change in your circumstances which may mean you are no longer fully protected. We keep the lines of communication open so that we can revisit your plan whenever you need us.

You should particularly think about reviewing what level of protection you have in place when:

  • You change jobs or retire
  • You start up or sell a business
  • You finish paying your mortgage or other large loan
  • You marry, enter a long-term relationship or have a child
  • Your health status changes or you make a lifestyle change such as quitting smoking

Who we work with

We want to be sure we can provide the standard of excellence and service that our clients deserve. That’s why we are careful about only working with those clients for whom we can provide our very best work.

Our clients work with us because they value a long-term, meaningful relationship and an extraordinary, personalised service. They engage us to help them achieve goals and aspirations that mean something in their life. And that is what we always strive to deliver.

That means if you’re looking for a one-off piece of transactional financial advice, we may not be the right fit for you.

Our services are best suited for those who:

  • Are company directors / senior executives / partners in a professional practice
  • Business owners, or
  • Are widowed, and
  • Are saving for future plans or preparing for retirement
  • Have a good lifestyle and want to protect it
  • Would like some professional and personal guidance on how to help you get the best from your life with the money you have
  • Are concerned about the consequences of death, serious illness or disability on the household

Mostly, we meet new clients at a crossroads in their life; they are looking to make changes or overcome worries about the future.

Our services are therefore designed for clients who are facing key life decisions, looking for personal and professional guidance about their goals and who may need existing assets realigned into a comprehensive lifestyle financial plan.

If you’re unsure whether our services are right for you, get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

How we can help

As part of our financial and lifestyle planning services, we help you work out what risks you are exposed to. By looking at your long-term life plans as well as your current financial and lifestyle picture, we can advise you on how best to protect yourself and your loved ones against devastating losses.

As we are an independent firm, we’re not tied to any one provider, meaning that we’re free to recommend the most suitable plans and providers for your specific needs. And as experienced protection specialists, we know how important it is to have these conversations, but we also know how difficult they can be. That’s why  we’re proud that our clients know they can contact us to talk through any concerns they have in a professional but sympathetic and understanding environment.

Case studies

He opened my eyes to the possibility and gave me the confidence to take the leap.
Jon Langford
client since 2014
When I think about my finances now, I don’t worry
Sue Johnson
client since 2015
Matt didn’t come across as a normal financial services type of person.
Phil & Sharon Middleton client since 2018
Matthew is always accessible.
Richard Langran
client since 2019

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