Our process

We first need to get a complete understanding of you and your goals. What and who you’re investing for.

This is where we ask you for comprehensive information on your current financial situation. We will ask for this information to be sent via our secure online portal.

Once we’ve collected all the data we need from you, we’ll bring all your finances together so we have a clear understanding of your full current financial situation.

This is where we talk your plan through with you and help you see how your future could look.

We will implement our recommendations only once you’re happy with the plan and take as much of the hassle away from you as possible.

Financial planning is a long term, evolving process, not a one-off event. That means your plan becomes worthless if it fails to adapt as your life changes.

The Santorini Lifestyle Retirement Programme consists of the following six steps:

Case studies

He opened my eyes to the possibility and gave me the confidence to take the leap.
Jon Langford
client since 2014
When I think about my finances now, I don’t worry
Sue Johnson
client since 2015
Matt didn’t come across as a normal financial services type of person.
Phil & Sharon Middleton client since 2018
Matthew is always accessible.
Richard Langran
client since 2019

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