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5 tips for keeping pensions on track during the pandemic

For most of us, pensions are invested with the hopes of delivering returns over the long term and it’s something we plan to pay into over our working lives. But the current pandemic may have impacted on your plans and…

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Small business owner? Here are the measures in place to help you through the pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic has affected the health of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, it has also had a devastating effect on small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and beyond. Following a £12 billion package of measures announced…

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2020/21 tax year: Exemptions and allowances

We’ve now entered a new tax year. Whilst some changes were made during the 2020 Budget, other allowances and exemptions have stayed the same. Planning can help you make the most out of your finances over the next 12 months.

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Why the budget was important if you’re affected by the Tapered Annual Allowance

The 2020 Budget made some significant changes to the Tapered Annual Allowance that could affect your retirement plans. With the announcements coming into effect for the 2020/21 tax year, it could impact how much you can save tax-efficiently into a…

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What does coronavirus mean for my pension and retirement?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate world headlines, here’s what it might mean for your pension and retirement plans. The pandemic has created uncertainty in economies around the globe. As a result, stock markets have experienced shocks and over…

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How to keep yourself safe from scams during the coronavirus pandemic

One of the more unwanted consequences of the recent coronavirus pandemic has been a reported rise in the number of scams. Fraudsters are taking advantage of the panic currently surrounding the virus, with Action Fraud reporting that there were 105…

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5 ways the government is helping the self-employed during the pandemic

The current coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the UK and global economy. If you’re self-employed, you may find that contracts have been paused or that new work has dried up, affecting your finances in the short and…

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Investment market update: March 2020

It probably comes as no surprise that much of the market update for March will be linked to the coronavirus pandemic. What started as a virus in Wuhan, China, has quickly become a global issue that’s affecting millions of people…

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Coronavirus and the markets

In recent weeks, the coronavirus has never been far from the headlines. At the start of March, there were more than 87,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 with almost 3,000 deaths. While the vast majority of the cases and fatalities have…

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Investment market update: February 2020

Throughout February there was one key global headline that had an impact on stocks, the coronavirus. What began in China a couple of months ago has spread across the world, including Europe, by the end of February. The International Air…

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5 ways to improve your work/life balance

Juggling the demands of a busy career with the need to relax and spend time with loved ones can be difficult. The 24/7 availability of the internet might have given you the flexibility to work on the train or receive…

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Financial planning: Why do you need to revisit your plan?

Financial planning is essential at all stages of life. Speaking to an adviser can help you focus on your financial goals and give you the means to achieve them. But the hard work doesn’t stop once the plan is in…

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