Our investment philosophy

Our investment approach and philosophy has been developed using the core principles of Evidence-Based Investing, backed up with research from Nobel Prize-winning economists.

Evidence-Based Investing (EBI) portfolios have grown from ideas shaped, tested, and refined by financial science over the past fifty years. Every strategy, every solution, every new idea contained in our investment approach comes from an evidence-based understanding of markets and investing.

Our core beliefs are:

  1. Free markets are efficient.

    The financial markets adjust to every new spark of information, and competition quickly drives prices to fair value. A stock’s current price is the best estimate of its true value. Attempting to forecast future events or time market movements is a futile endeavour that only burdens investors with higher costs and unnecessary risk.

  2. Risk and return are inseparable.

    Stocks and bonds that offer higher average returns relative to the market almost always carry higher risk. Understanding this relationship enables investors to strike a balance between their performance goals and the degree of uncertainty they can accept.

  3. Diversification is crucial.

    The most sensible way to seek higher expected returns is through broad diversification across many asset classes, industries, and geographical markets. A well-diversified portfolio balances out the random effects of individual stock performance.

  4. Costs matter.

    Whilst you can’t control what happens in the markets, you can control how much you invest in the market. Expenses over the long term can erode investment performance because investment returns are reduced pound-for-pound by the costs incurred. By minimising costs, we can help investors improve their chances of meeting their investment objectives. Skilful portfolio management and smart, patient trading will produce real cost savings over time.

As part of The Santorini Retirement Lifestyle Programme, we deliver a Wealth Management process designed to last a lifetime. We focus on you; delivering an investment solution centred around protecting your existing wealth and providing increasing wealth over the rest of your life.

Past performance is not a guide to future returns. The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested.

Case studies

He opened my eyes to the possibility and gave me the confidence to take the leap.
Jon Langford
client since 2014
When I think about my finances now, I don’t worry
Sue Johnson
client since 2015
Matt didn’t come across as a normal financial services type of person.
Phil & Sharon Middleton client since 2018
Matthew is always accessible.
Richard Langran
client since 2019

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