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How using a trust could save UK families £300 million each year

Back in 2017, more than 35,000 term life insurance policies paid out an average of more than £78,000. Nearly every claim was paid (98%) and tens of thousands of families/beneficiaries were supported following an unexpected bereavement, to the tune of…

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Silver start-ups: 6 reasons to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit in retirement

When you picture your retirement, what do you imagine? For some, it may be relaxing on holiday or spending more time with loved ones. But more retirees are choosing this time to launch a business. Whilst retirement may have once…

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7 tips for living longer healthily

Not so long ago, the stereotype of old age focused on the negative. Perhaps facing illness or struggling to leave the house. Today, that’s not the reality for many people. It’s common to see people in their 80s and beyond…

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Financial wellbeing: How do you score?

Ministers have launched a financial wellbeing scheme with the goal of turning Britain into a nation of savers over the next ten years. How do your finances stack up? The most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics measuring…

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A quick guide to retirement interest-only mortgages

If you’re approaching retirement and still have some time left on your mortgage, it can be a concern and take up a significant portion of your income. Traditionally, retirees would strive to reach the milestone debt-free. However, there are many…

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4 ways you can efficiently pass wealth on to the next generation

Do you intend to pass on wealth to loved ones? If you want to help children and grandchildren become more financially secure, you need to consider more than just the sum you’ll be giving them. Tax rules may mean you…

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What’s the purpose of your retirement?

Purpose in life gives you a sense of direction and provides meaning. Having a purpose can improve your well-being throughout life, and it’s no different when you’re in retirement. Understanding what your purpose is can make the next chapter of…

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3 things to keep in mind when accessing your pension at 55

For most people, their pension becomes accessible from the age of 55. If you’re nearing your 55th birthday, you might be tempted to make a withdrawal, whether as a one-off lump sum or regular income. However, using your pension as…

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Timing Isn’t Everything

It’s not unusual for the stock market to be a topic of conversation on the golf course or down the pub. A neighbour or relative might ask about which investments are good at the moment. The lure of getting in…

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Investment market update: October 2019

Welcome to our latest update on the investment market. We take a quick look at some of the key factors that influenced the stock market in October and could continue to do so over the coming months. The global economy…

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Sleep: How does it benefit you?

Sleep. It’s something we all do and it has a huge effect on our daily life. We’ve all had a bad night’s sleep and woken up feeling unmotivated for what’s ahead. But how does sleep benefit you? We spend around…

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Financial bias: How caution could be affecting your future

Research has highlighted how being cautious with pension investment can be as damaging as taking too much risk. In some cases, a cautious approach is appropriate. But, in others, it’ll be the result of subconscious financial bias affecting the decisions…

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