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Investment market update: May 2020

Whilst investment markets have settled a little from the severe bouts of volatility seen a few months ago, the impact of Covid-19 continues to weigh on economic and business prospects. The next few months, as restrictions are lifted and government…

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Staycation: 5 popular destinations in the UK

Lockdown restrictions are easing but the typical summer holiday abroad still looks uncertain for millions of Brits. As high streets, attractions and other key tourist spots begin to open back up, now could be the perfect time to look at…

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Business owners: 5 important dates in the coming months

Whilst the last few months have been unusual for many businesses, there are key dates that still need to be penned into diaries of business owners to ensure they stay on track and meet financial commitments. Business is gradually getting…

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The danger of holding too much cash

How much of your wealth do you hold in cash? Whilst it’s often viewed as the ‘safe’ option, there is a danger of your assets losing value in the long term and holding too much in cash too. It’s easy…

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Cashflow planning: Helping to answer ‘what if…’ questions

When you begin making a financial plan, you could be looking several decades ahead, and we all know the unexpected can derail even the best-laid plans. So, as you’re setting out goals, it’s not uncommon to wonder if you’d still…

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Accessing your pension: Annuity vs Flexi-Access Drawdown

In the past, the majority of people saved for retirement over their working life, gave up work on a set date and used their pension savings to purchase an Annuity. However, as retirement lifestyles have changed, so to have the…

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Investment market update: April 2020

Sadly, the market news for April continues to be pessimistic as economies around the world continue to grapple with the impact of Covid-19. The good news is that some of the short-term volatility seen in March has calmed. However, when…

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Mindfulness: How to reduce stress and anxiety

At times we all feel stressed and anxious. Amid the current circumstances, you may feel more stressed than usual and not able to access your usual way of unwinding, whether it was hitting the gym or meeting up with friends.

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Is university worth it for children and grandchildren?

For students planning to head to university, it’s already been an emotional time. With college suspended due to Covid-19 and exams cancelled, there has been some uncertainty around how grades will be awarded, which could affect where they head to…

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Lockdown checklist: 6 financial steps to take during the pandemic

If you’ve been putting off reviewing your finances, the lockdown is the perfect opportunity to complete some tasks that could help make sure your finances and plans remain on track. With potentially more time on your hands, here are six…

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Why you should have a Power of Attorney in place

Millions of Brits haven’t named a Power of Attorney. It may seem like something you can put off for a while, but it’s something we should all have in place. A Power of Attorney is a legal document which gives…

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Dividends and coronavirus: Will your income be affected?

As businesses have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic, some have decided to cut dividends and regulators are adding pressure for others to follow suit. This may leave a hole in your income if you rely on dividends. According to…

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